MUST GO TO- Cafe Xtasi

The Pizza's here are Literally to die for. The sizes are not the regular Dominos and Pizza Hut sizes. 
Their Family size is HUGE, I would be done just by seeing the Pizza. The Pizza Toppings and combinations, unique. And am only talking about Veg Pizzas. We went back the next day and took a Take away for the journey back to Bangalore and had it in the Bus. It tastes great even when served COLD. The best dinner on the journey back Home. You can get the location details by clicking the above link, they are also on Zomato.

PANPEPP- Paneer, Corn, Pepper, Cream & Olives

TOM GOES HERBY- Tomato Slices, Oregana, Green Coriandar, Fresh Basil and mint, Parsley

Le Cafe

The Location is Amazing. It's on Beach Road which is Beautiful all the time.
I didn't have one of my best meals here, Service not so great either. We had French FriesVeg Lasagna (Didn't like it at all, was also under cooked), along with Fresh Lime Soda (Didn't get the difference between sugar and salty.) Over all, Bad experience. I noticed they serve Foreigners with a better attitude (I was glad, that at least they ain't experiencing bad food and service). My other friends have an opinion that slightly differs, they said that the pizza they had ordered here was Great. So well, Good Location and Good Pizza, what more does one want? Next time I'll order Pizza!


Extremely well known and a place where getting a table is getting lucky. We waited for a while before we got in (agreed for a smaller table). Great ambiance, friends enjoyed the sea food they had, I was the only Veggie. Good time with catching up with a table filled with beer mugs and lots of food and sulking me taking pictures of the place.

MUST GO TO - Hot Breads

So we went here for brekky, and the moment to enter it feels like heaven. The Smell of freshly baked items just fill the area. And since we went in the month of December, I was blessed with cake all around me. All kinds of it. I was suppose to carry 15 Croissants back home we payed them in the morning and collected it in the evening (Nicely packed) with a lot of Marble Cake and Chocolate Cake which everyone loved at work and home (:

Beach Road
It is a place to see both, during the Day and Night. It's busy yet calm. And very different during the day and night (evening on wards). during the day you have the cafes an the hotels active, in the evening the road is only available to the people on foot. No vehicles zone. And the street thelas and small vendors come in action. Food, Toys, Bubbles, Cotton candy, People walking, sitting, chatting, playing. Just stunning. Go there, sit on the rocks, the chairs, the benches, the path. Hear the waves, talk, Listen. You actually feel Calm even in the crowd.  

Club Mahindra 

Stay here if you'd like to be pampered, relax, eat, love, play and laugh. The first time I visited Pondi, I stayed here. It was stunning yet lazy. We had a car but didn't want to step out. Like obviously as they have everything you need. Yes, they have their private beach. Extremely clean, calm and crowded (Not at all). The only thing, like everywhere in pondi the beach here also shuts the moment the sun is down. Beautiful Resort, amazing service, food was great.

In there Lobby, the most comfortable seats. 

Hotel Coramandal Heritage

A place to relax, yet loaf around. The second time when I went down to Pondi as first time wasn't enough I stayed here. Club Mahindra is really on the outer side and then you don't feel like coming out of the cave because it has everything. So this time I found a place that was near the market, food joints and the beach road. We had hired Bikes and went all around the town on them. This place has good rooms, Great service, amazing Location and just very convenient. At least it worked out for me. The room I stayed was on the first floor, decent room tariff (in fact cheap, yet neat and clean). Completely Loved it and enjoyed. The waiting area and common wash room are also clean and we had checked out at 12 noon, went to the beach, leaving the luggage behind in the hotel (safe). Came back, freshened up and relaxed for a bit before leaving for the bus stand to Bangalore.
Small place to stay but the service makes it worth while. 

The waiting area

The room on the upper floor

Common Balcony