# (Number of) Things to do while you're Alive...

Instead of Things to do before you Die.

What are these things we talk about anyway? It could also be a number of things we have already and the things we want to do from now. 

Why do we make such lists? Well, I do because I get random Inspirations while exploring on Weheartit and Tumblr. I have a lot of lists, but this particular one was inspired by this image I saw on weheartit- http://weheartit.com/camillle99/collections/32276942-40-000-things-to-do-before-you-die

# (Number of) because I couldn't really make up my mind on a specific number. It was more like would I be able to come up with that many things? what if I run short of numbers? That is not the value that I connect with! And because I didn't want to make it a sort of a task.

When I first read 40,000 I was like wow, This person is highly motivated. And that is what I needed.

Also, I'm making this list to know myself better, to see what I've done and what I want to do. At least in some way I'll have a future plan that I wish to start ticking off (Love the excitement of checking things off).

So well, am going to start one, Soon. Which is going to be very common and obviously repetitive.
To the start of a new list (CHECK!).

What are you waiting for?

Post some here, lets see what we have in common! Or lemme know what you think of the ones I've (Will have).




  1. Things to do while you're alive:
    1. Love fiercely, fearlessly, desperately
    2. Cackle like a maniac and blur out the people staring at you
    3. Have a solo dance party when you're low (works best in the rain)
    4. Wear outlandish clothes that you wouldn't be caught dead in
    5. Write
    6. Get drunk on air
    7. Take a walk along the beach
    8. Play and sing your favorite song on a ukulele
    9. Forgive, forget, and move on
    10. Urgently make such lists while you're supposed to be working in office.

    I think that's enough for now :P anything in common?

    1. In addition to yours-

      11. Go to a Strip Club
      12. Get Lost
      13. Do Nothing
      14. Ride a Motor Cycle
      15.Fall in Love with as many things as possible.
      16.Buy a lottery Ticket.
      17. Do the FREE HUGS thing
      18.Drive in Theatre
      19.Learn to Dance (like a chamiyaa)
      20.Make a Snow Globe

    2. And You're my Chamiyyaaa!!!


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