Creative Block

Summer Vacation

No, this isn't the Summer vacation I am talking about. This vacation is more like a Creative Block.
It's been a while since I've made a decent post, forget decent, any post. And now, I'm just stuck. Looking for Inspiration (I'm just being Lazy). But either way, someone, anyone just hit the play button and free me from this world of pause. At times, I refuse to own a page like this and just pretend that there isn't anything else that I should be doing. I just pay my respects by opening it. Oh! well, I don't recall doing even that. I've been going out taking pictures (and doing nothing with it). But then if am cool with it, with doing nothing, it should be fine. Then again, if I were cool with the whole doing nothing bit the way I'd write this post would be slightly different.

Something like this, maybe-

Summer Vacation

Well, well, I haven't even planned my summers yet, but my creative mind is on a holiday. Leaving me all alone, with nothing left to do. Just to sit and imagine what it would be if it were here.

So all you Beautiful people out there, how is your summer planning coming along?