Postcrossing Madness!

If it makes you happy, DO IT.
If it doesn't, DON'T!

One of my recent craze is that of Postcrossing. I always had a thing for postcards but didn't have a clue about the madness it surrounds. It's insane!
For starters, it's good to log into the official  postcrossing website  
It's fairly simple and FREE! They take care of all the statistics, address, security, everything. You just need to send the postcards with the postcard ID they provide. It's absolutely amazing. You get the profile of the person who you'll be sending the card to, get to know them a little, what they like so you can send them something accordingly. Basically here the person doesn't know they will be receiving something from you until they have physically received it. So it's literally a surprise. Only on successfully registering the received postcard by the given ID number (hence its very important) does the sender's profile show up and you can send them a thank you note (: 
Check it out, it's pretty cool!

Then there are the direct swaps that happen anywhere and everywhere. By that I mean on most of the social media platforms, I only use Instagram. But a lot of people do them on both Instagram and Facebook. My Instagram profile for direct swaps is called PostcardsfromIndia (yes that name was available). The concept is pretty simple, think of it as a barter system. Here you'll find people who are collecting specific kind of cards (Maps, Greetings from cards, Cats, Illustrations and so on). Once you get there you'll get the hang of it. It's crazy and addictive. 

Postcrossing can and is exciting and time-consuming. It's not just time pass kind of a hobby. There are some serious collectors (postcards, mini sheets or stamps). Then there are those really cute and creative ones who draw, use stickers and really work on each postcard before sending them out.

I'll be posting some of my Incoming mail soonish (we all know what that means)!But for now here is one of my favorite - Okay two-

Just love the postcard!

An 11-year-old <3

Until then,

Happy Postcrossing!