Where do I get my postcards from?

I have a bunch of artist I stalk and buy from. Obviously apart from my own prints. There are some art works you just cannot resist.

India Post, you can go to any big post office or GPO in the city, they generally have a post shop where they have the cards from India post available to buy. They have beautiful set of postcards on Animals and Birds along with some UNESCO Heritage sites of India. This is where I got my postcards initially. Every time I go to the GPO I still look at the section for any new releases.

A few that I adore (& stalk madly) are:

Shikha, from Sunny Skies Starry Eyes, one of the reasons I buy from her is because some of her artworks are such that I wanted to create, It's like we have have similar taste, she indirectly through her art completely gets me. Please do check her Instagram page, @chicabeingme. She was based out of Bangalore but has recently shifted to Pune. She participates in a whole lot of Flea markets, must go and visit her. I haven't personally met her yet, but we have interacted (& had the pleasure of doing a swap with her) ,she is a sweetheart.

Then there is our very own,

Suhasini,  MPL or MyPaperLovelies, We have exchanged mails, have designed cards together, have had the pleasure of working with her. Her art is one of a kind. The moment you see it you know its hers once you have stalked her enough :P
She is an avid postcrosser herself, so she understands the difficulties and pleasures of it. She has just started journaling as well and its a treat to watch her Instagram stories and posts.

Battees, is this online site which has a collection of postcards from independent & creative artists of all kinds. Must give that site a look!